Hello people! My name is Samuel Oyedepo. I’m a husband, a father, a brother, a son and so many different things to different people just because i am a man of many parts. My interest covers but are not limited to sports, tech, start-ups, business, education, healthcare, politics, yes politics, and Christianity. Notice i didn’t say religion.

Despite being a man of many sides, nothing ever interests me like Christianity. Born and raised by a Christian mother of blessed memory, and passionate father who at some point in his life fell but was found by grace, i have always been taught to long for a relationship with Christ and that i have always wanted to do. I know i have experienced falling several times, maybe more than the seven times the bible talked about, lol, but God has always managed to pick me up, clean me and make me brand new. Grace has always found me from the tiniest and dirtiest hole i put myself. Hallelujah! God is faithful. This partly informs why i am starting this blog, not a blog on politics or sports that i am almost as passionate about and would attract a wider reading coverage.

Another reason i am starting this blog is that being a social media savvy fellow, i have realized Christian blogs are hard to come by, what you get are blogs full of junks, fake news, and those who promote ‘worldly’ affairs. Even when you enter this blogs seeking for positive information, you are almost certain to be tempted to read or see another post on this blog promoting nudity, promiscuity or lack of values. Boom! you find yourself looking at beyonce’s  nude pictures, a certain Bobrisky the cross dresser and most a times you are ensnared by them because you just failed to act according to Philippians 4:8 which encourages believers to only think of whatever things are pure, lovely, true, of good report… This blog is going to bridge the gap and shine the light in this ‘dark world’.

Posts on this blog will be edifying, inspiring, and trust me, entertaining. There will be post from other writers too and there will be snippets from the social media. So what are you going to find on this Christian blog? Beautiful gist about Christians and Christianity from all around the world, inspiring and revealing blog posts,  messages, daily devotionals, and even health related posts. Please note that you will not always agree with all the information in our posts but we are all learning by the day, all you have to do is drop your comments and we keep rolling.

I am eager to take this drive with you all but until then, keep shining the light.



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